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what clients say about us

“The team at miura Advisors operates from a place of true independence, putting our interests above all else. Their commitment to excellence and healthcare sector focus led us to a truly successful M&A outcome we believe couldn't have been achieved elsewhere.”

“Working with miura Advisors felt like collaborating with a team that truly understands our healthcare services business from the inside out. Their sector expertise, combined with their commitment to client success, made navigating the complexities of M&A a seamless experience.”

“Selling your own business, which you have invested so much time and energy in, is a very important decision in life. Selecting the right partner for the journey is even more important. miura Advisors became a real partner for us, advising and guiding the process with their experience, knowledge and network. All this is essential to success. We sincerely thank miura for their contribution.”

“miura Advisors guided us through a complex M&A process in the MedTech sector with unmatched expertise. Their deep industry knowledge and genuine dedication truly set them apart.”

“Even though we have been working in pharma services for many years, miura was able to show us new perspectives. Their client focus allowed us to realize the full value of our enterprise and finally, accomplish more than we expected.”

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“miura Advisors got the deal done after us not succeeding twice with other M&A firms.”

“Choosing miura Advisors was the best decision we made for our healthcare software business. Their balanced team of former executives, entrepreneurs and bankers in the field brought invaluable insights, making the entire advisory experience refreshingly different and leading to a highly rewarding outcome.”

“miura Advisors' deep-rooted focus on the healthcare sector and their team's operational as well as entrepreneurial backgrounds were instrumental in orchestrating our successful M&A deal. Their refreshing approach goes beyond traditional investment banking, making them our partner of choice for our CRO company.”

“In a world of apparently generic advisors, miura Advisors stands out. Their sector expertise and execution excellence, combined with their independence, made us feel we were in good hands, resulting in an M&A deal that exceeded our expectations.”

“miura Advisors' strong experience in healthcare services was evident from day one. Their team's background as successful entrepreneurs in the field set them apart, making them a reliable partner that truly understands the unique dynamics of our industry.”

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“miura Advisors' refreshingly different approach to M&A turned what could have been a daunting process into a collaborative success story. Their team's personal investment in our project was palpable, and their expertise and insights in the healthcare services space was impressive.”

“miura Advisors shattered our preconceptions of what an advisory firm could be. Their unwavering dedication to healthcare, coupled with their unique entrepreneurial perspective, resulted in an M&A journey that exceeded our expectations.”

“miura Advisors' deep-rooted network in the global healthcare sector and execution excellence were invaluable during our M&A journey. Their team's blend of industry insight and entrepreneurial wisdom provided us with strategic guidance that proved to be a game-changer.”

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Albrechtstrasse 43
80636 Munich
Phone: +49 89 4522 136 11

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19 Eastbourne Terrace
London W2 6LG
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 203 626 0166

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New York

1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105
United States
Phone: +1 212 878 3623 


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